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This is one of the most amazing and versatile products out on the market! I very highly recommend this product for bronzing and beyond.

Bourjois Paris just celebrated 150 years as a cosmetic company, and with several amazing products already out on the market, this bronzing spray stands out as one of my top picks from all popular cosmetic lines.

It is a multi-use product that comes in 2 shades, 12 and 14. One being for fair skin tones and the other for olive. Use it as a bronzing spray of course, for both face and body. Be sure to spray far enough away (like hair spray) to get an even finish and prevent using too much product. Mix it in with your moisturizer to create a “self-tanner”, good until you shower of course. You will be amazed, it does not transfer onto clothing once it has dried properly. You can also use it to darken your foundation. Everyone goes through that transition between Winter and Spring when our foundation is just too light. This is a great way to customize your own foundation without breaking the bank on a whole new foundation colour. Here is the big one!…. You can use this amazing product as a DRY SHAMPOO (not really recommended for blondes though). Spray into hair at the same distance as you would most dry shampoos, but be sure to rub it in and it will absorb all excess oils Β in hair to give you that extra day of clean feeling. Just as you think, WOW, this product can do amazing things, there is one more! You can even use it to touch up grey roots in between dye applications. Again spray on the roots and rub it in, it will blend away greys softly temporarily as well.

I love this fantastic product, and most certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a great bronzing product, as well as all the other uses its versatility allows.